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Through massage canines experience stretch and muscle relaxation, release of toxins which can build up in the muscles causing stiffness and soreness, improved circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, relieves muscle pain through release of endorphins and enhances healing post surgery.

Kinesio tape is offered for both canine and equines and is a specialized taping technique that can be used to help contract the muscle more during

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a work out or to help relax a muscle to decrease muscle tightness or spasms and can help with swelling and pain for the length of the taping.

Cold laser therapy is offered for both canines and equines to treat joint injuries, ligament/tendon injuries, fractures, arthritis, muscle sprains/strains,and lesions, traumatic and post surgical wounds through the use of a beam of light to stimulate cellular function to speed healing and relieve pain.

Hope to continue to help dogs live happier and healthier lives. I can be found on Facebook too ;)

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