today - 9/22/16

well, actually these were a couple of days ago. fall is coming to town.

Box Canyon

the view between the ties wouldnt let me go any further.

Boundary Dam

The Boundary Hydroelectric Project located on the Pend Oreille River in Northeastern Washington supplies more than one-third of Seattle City Light's power. Discover the Boundary Hydroelectric Project nestled in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains and situated along the banks of the scenic Pend Oreille (pronounced "pond-ah-ray") River.

Our 265,000 horsepower turbines and electrical generating facilities produce clean, renewable energy. Tour our Visitors' Gallery located deep inside a massive limestone cavern. Enjoy expansive views at the Vista House and observation deck.

Boundary Dam is located 107 miles north of Spokane in Pend Oreille County in the far northeast corner of Washington state.

Moooving right along ...

Crystal Falls

"Legal Weed"


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